Addiction Prevention Campaign

Students these days are exposed to unjustifiably high levels of stress in their day to day academic routine. This is amongst the top reasons why children, some of them not even in their teenage years, pick up bad habits like smoking, pan, gutka, chalian. Unfortunately, these habits have a history of turning into addictions and diseases and ultimately resulting in untimely deaths or severely affected quality of life.

Even though this discussion has spread far and wide via various social media platforms there are still areas in our very own community, in our streets, our mohallas, our backyards where this awareness hasn’t even begun to spread. Sadly, these overlooked and underprivileged areas are often the places where this awareness is needed the most.

To address this issue, last week members of Quadragon Group 7 visited, Mehran Secondary School Campus 3, a school in Gulistan-e-Johar Block 8. The group hosted an interactive session with the students, acted out a short skit and performed an experiment. All of these efforts were aimed at teaching the children about this problem the only way we know how, through fun and games.

The team consisted of Muneeb Ul Haq (Team Leader), Ali Bin Abdul Jabbar, Omaima Anis Bhatti (Volunteer), Ronika Devi Ukrani, Shehryar Ali Larik(Volunteer) and Ayesha Niaz Shaikh.

Sheryar Larik was responsible for the amazing camera work whereas Muneeb Ul Haq was the editor of the video. Hope you enjoy the clip and be sure to share the video and check out our page!