Quadragon Aagahi Muhim

Career counselling is an integral constituent of any educational system. It is a requisite for young minds to unlock their true potential. Many bright and talented students in our schools are unable to continue their education and actualize their potential simply because they are not cognizant of the options at their disposal.

To remedy this, Quadragon has launched a career counselling program by the name of which aims to provide career counselling to students of secondary and higher secondary schools in less priviledged parts of Karachi, that lack the facility.

For this purpose workshops were held by Quadragon members led by Khizar Salar. One such workshop was held on November 24th 2018 in Idara al khair High School, Karachi. Another one was help on December 15th 2018. The keynote speakers for both these workshops were the students of IBA and AKU who provided details about the programs they were enrolled in and other potential career options for the students of Idara al khair High School, Karachi.

With your help Quadragon plans to continue these workshops in the future and expand the program to serve other underserved schools of the community.