Quadragon Book Drive

Too much baggage?

Time to unload!

Go oversize and overweight this flight back to AKU with Quadragon's Book Drive! Bring in all the old books you have stashed away- from textbooks to fiction, we're collecting it all as an add-on to the great work done by our team at Rizwan Governament School about two weeks ago!
Here's the link, in case you missed it:


You can hand over your books whenever you want and don’t worry if the covers are peeling off, we’ll mend them as best we can!

Contact us
– Ayesha Niaz Shaikh 03113051527
– Mohsin Chundrigar 03121026396
– Abdullah Javed 03476688888
– Haris Ali 03344901620
– Usama Qamar 03363244000
– Akash Kumar 0336 0805338
– Maria Khan 0332 2833912
– Muneeb Ul Haq 0332 0600350
– Ayesha Memon 03334488329