Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Quadragon operate?

Quadragon Operations can be understood by the following flow chart:

Quadragon employs the art of innovation to the concept of fund raising in accordance with International Best Practices. The Innovation Dept. of Quadragon continuously works upon new ideas as to how the available funds can be utilized for the betterment of our target population.

How is Quadragon “Fund-Raising” different from fund raising by other organizations?

Quadragon follows strict guidelines in order to ensure that the donations reach their rightful recipients. In order to do so we’ve designed our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) comprising of the following steps:

1.Monthly collection of Donations by Deputy Directors of Finance.
2.E-Receipt is dispatched to the Donor as a proof of Donation by DD Finance
3.DD Finance forwards the Donation accounts to Director of Finance who compiles them.
4.Director of Finance then forwards the compiled list of his batch to Director General Finance who compiles the Donation lists from all batches.
5.This list is then sent to Auditor General, Quadragon who verifies each and every payment via his dept.
6.Once audited, the drive is declared complete and details are dispatched to every Donor via email. Moreover the details are made available home page for general public.

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