The Quadragon Challenge

Quadragon is a student run NGO working to alleviate poverty in Pakistan. Currently working in the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi, Quadragon has been solving problems on several different fronts.

Through the help of our donors, we’ve been able to provide education to those who can’t afford even this basic necessity. Recently, we’ve launched The Quadrahome project which aims to make people independent and self reliant by teaching them useful skills in life.

Quadragon functions by collecting funds. These donations enable the members of Quadragon to do their work, and have an impact on the community. Monthly donations and fundraisers contribute the major source of Quadragon’s budget.

Quadragon has a group of curriculum designers who decide the curriculum for projects like Quadrahome. These are the people who play a pivotal role in directing the future projects. They decide upon the skills and useful things that need to be taught to the needy members of our community so that they can become model citizens.

Quadragon also has social media setup which has a major responsibility of publicizing our work and urging people to help us achieve these goals. This includes managing the website, blog and other social media platforms like facebook, twitter etc. News coverage is included in this department as well.

We are looking for people who want to be a part of this organization which aims to change the lives of the community. We invite people interested in the above mentioned departments of Quadragon to step forward and join hands with us to make this world a better place to live.

The Quadragon Challenge helps us to make our induction process free and fair since the selection has now shifted to a skill-based approach which is more objective & practical. The candidates will have to undertake practical work rather than just a few lines in the interview which will ensure selection purely on merit.

The annual Clothes Drive is a successful project of quadragon challenge. We have collected more than 1500 clothing items so far.